RTA: A Framework for the Integration of Local and Open Relational Data

Yusuke Kosaka, Shu Murakami, Thomas Laurent, Kento Goto, Motomichi Toyama

Keio University, Yokohama, Japan
Contact: {kosaka, shu, thomas.laurent, goto}[at]db.ics.keio.ac.jp, toyama[at]ics.keio.ac.jp

In this paper we introduce Remote Table Access (RTA), a system for the publication and integration of open relational data. RTA allows data holders to publish their relational data and easily make it available to all and allows users to easily integrate local and published data in a single SQL query.

Resources regarding the paper:

Experimental results

Here are our full experimental results. The design of the experiments as well as partial results are available in the paper.
Excel and CSV

Prototype and demonstration

We make the prototype describe in the paper available. This prototype uses connection method A (direct connection to the remote database) and connection to the following PTL: http://rta-keio.net/PTL.
We make available the set of sample tables used in the experiments and enable the registration of new tables. We remind users that their database's credentials are stored in this version of RTA and it is their responsability to ensure the security of their system.

Using the RTA client

Instructions on how to get and use the RTA client are available here

Registering your own table into the PTL

You can register your own tables here